Whether it is a country road, or a town street or a 4-level high-way project,
we approach each with 100% determination, freshness
and precision.

Fireverzi.ro - Online branding
Fireverzi.ro is a Blog about Social-Media, Content Marketing and more.

Starville – Product & Brand development, Branding
Starville aims to be the first cross-retailer loyalty program built around the concept of a ‘Loyalty Alliance’. We developed the product, the marketing and communication strategy, the brand identity & brand manual, including collaterals.

AdMediaConsult – Re-Branding
This media relations company reflects its founders' inside experience into outside results for clients. This reflexion has guided the logo redesign and website design.
More on www.admediaconsult.ro

Gradinita Paradisul Copiilor – Services Branding
Going to kindergarten is an important step both for children and their parents. The new brand identity reveals a comforting yet playful experience from the first glance – more on www.gradinitaparadisulcopiilor.ro

Credics International Conferences – Event Branding
We built and publically launched the Credics International Conferences brand, an umbrella covering events on state-of-the-art themes in the world of payment services.

Farm.ro – Online Branding
Online communication lives and changes permanently. That is why for this pharma portal we created a dynamic visual concept that follows life and seasons. See it on www.farm.ro

Eurotopic – Corporate Branding development
We created the identity of a consultancy business in accessing European funds.

Angelville – Product Branding development
We took the brand in our client’s mind and gave it a proper visual representation. Angelville with its soft and quality textures is the place were you feel at home.

Milaia Maia – Luxury Special Project, Branding
We used a minimal visual approach and luxury production solutions in order to create a marketing tool for this yacht.

Bussinex – Corporate Branding development.
The double “s” issue in the brand’s preexisting name turned out to be useful in building the visual identity, as Bussinex integrates solutions without changing the client’s system DNA.

Playville – Corporate Branding development
Playville addresses grown-ups who develop business for children entertainment and joy. B2B collaterals development communicate this play-pleasure.

www.gradinitaparadisulcopiilor.ro – Website development, Interactive
The website continues the story of the brand using the same playful and clear tone. For parents to be permanently updated and children to enjoy!

AdMediaConsult – Website development, Interactive
This media relations company reflects its founders' inside experience into outside results for clients. The premium look and feel endorses the company's unique experience and expertise - more on www.admediaconsult.ro

Plantam Fapte Bune in Romania – Interactive
We were attracted by this initiative from the start and gave it a helping hand with communication ideas and the coordination of putting them into practice, along with our partners at Quickdata.

Starville – Email and Web & Email campaign, Interactive
As a dynamic and flexible brand, Starville was launched first on the web and communicated to prospects through a special B2B emailing campaign. Enjoy on www.starville.ro

Identity – Interactive
For our clients and partners we love to craft little surprizes. That’s why we develop from time-to-time id event cards, so please visit our gallery.

MyStaff – Interactive
This very complex HR management application needed a friendly language to speak to its users. So we created icons that speak for themselves.

Apertix – Interactive
We upgraded the interface of Apertix by designing the icons of this modern project monitoring application developed on Metastorm platform.

BPMWave – Interactive
BPMWave International needed an elegant, modern and fresh on-line communication platform.
Check it out on www.bpmwave.eu

Pharmec – Interactive
Pharmec wanted to launch an upgraded software version and needed a refreshed and easy to use interface.

‘Si eu recomand Doncafe’ – National TT Program
Campaign concept and naming, action plan, design and copy for all campaign materials, and implementation of the first edition of Strauss Romania's incentive program for traditional trade.

Credics – B2B event
We managed and organized the first session of Credics International Conferences, focused on an extremely hot subject for the banking industry, the EMV standard implementation.

Credics – Corporate materials
The challenge that Credics gave us was to tell apparently complicated things - but yet simple in their essence - through light text and subtle visuals.

Scandia Food – B2B Expo stand
Based on the company's brand visual identity and communication objectives, we developed the concept and produced Scandia Food's expo stand for participating at PLMA's World Private Label in Amsterdam, in May 2011.

Scandia Food – HoReCa brochure
We developed the communication materials for the company's HoReCa line. Headline and selling line copywriting.

Nunhems – B2B & B2C materials, events
We created marketing materials that were used to promote agriculture products in the rural environment. Target group: farmers and resellers.

Valahia University – Corporate brochure
We challenged time itself for designing and producing a high standard brochure and have it ready in due time for an important event.

Communication Processes – Master work
This study makes an analysis of the communication process management in Identity Communication with application and use for both client service managers and for managers in general. It contains concrete examples of what are the most effective communication instruments and channels, when to use them and how to use them for maximizing their impact.